Kyiv 2018 (A condominium on Pechersk)

Problem description

Condominium residents complained about high heat energy bills despite the fact that they live in a modern building constructed in 2011. Residents of the building pay for heating of their apartments as well a common use area. The use of heat can be regulated inside the apartment with thermostatic valves installed on radiators. However, residents lacked possibility to regulate energy consumption by common areas and had to accept heat use calculation from the heat supplier. It is worth noting that the building is equipped individual heating substation (IHS) but regulation of consumption was done manually.

Solution to the problem

Our specialists visited the site and inspected the heating system of the building and IHS. During the inspection we recorded uneven distribution of heat on different floors of common use areas. The difference between the lower and top floors was 2-3 °C. The temperature on the lower floors was higher than the recommended normative one. The solution proposed by «FIATU» was   installation of temperature loggers on the various floors for temperature monitoring and analysis, isolation of pipelines of risers and regulation of heat consumption of common use areas in automatic mode. Correct settings allow the controller to reduce the heat supply of risers of common use areas automatically that result in reductions of energy bills for condo residents. The average savings of the proposed measures during the heating season is about 600 UAH, which is about 10% of the bill for heat. Do you think it is worth fighting for it?

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